Executive Coaching

with Nanette Gamily

Today’s executives are thrust into a fast-paced business environment where change is expected yet often unpredictable.

Over the past decade, the rise of emerging markets, government regulations, and technological advances have changed the way in which we work.  Corporations must constantly anticipate market trends and be more competitive, innovative, and profitable to satisfy not only their shareholders but Wall Street’s expectations.

Subsequently, leaders work within a pressure cooker environment where success is dependent upon their ability to lead and inspire multi-cultural teams, introduce new products and services ahead of the competition, and drive record-breaking growth and profitability.

Every year, the pace gets a little faster, expectations get a bit higher, and leaders are asked to do more with less.

Does this sound familiar?  You are not alone.

A recent study indicated that only 5 percent of the world’s corporations last more than 20 years and executive turnover rises each year with leaders often citing frustration, conflict, burnout, and poor upward mobility as reasons.

Bill Bradley once said, “Leadership is unlocking people’s potential to become better.”

If you are an executive or leader who is looking for help to achieve your professional goals, then I can offer you a solution.

Why Edge Gains Coaching Works

As your executive coach, I keep the focus on you, the individual.  Over the years, I’ve found that most people want to do a good job, exceed expectations, and grow in their title and pay.  Often, they just don’t know what type of help they need.  Unlike traditional training, my Edge Gains Coaching Program allows individuals to explore possibilities, develop new skills, and find innovative ways to tackle issues quickly.   The results-oriented plan allows you to integrate changes over time, measure progress, and make adjustments along the way.

And the best part is that you can feel confident, knowing that you are working with someone who has been in your shoes and knows what it takes to get to the top.

Executive Coaching that Fits Your Needs

Time is the most difficult element to manage.  Often leaders will push their professional development to the bottom of the to-do list due to their workload.

That’s why my Edge Gains Coaching Program is flexible, specifically designed around your schedule and learning style.

Together, we will create a Coaching Plan specific to your needs in areas such as:

  • Emotional Acumen:  Learn how to recognize your feelings and those of others, label them appropriately, and apply techniques that guide your behavior to achieve the desired outcome.
  • Corporate Political Landscape Management: Develop the ability to see individuals and situations clearly and steer them to your desired outcome. 
  • Strategic Alliances – Discover ways to foster and maintain relationships with individuals or groups that are pivotal to your success.
  • Conflict Management: Identify early signs of conflict and the source, learn how to minimize the negative aspects and capitalize on the positive aspects to drive change and growth.
  • Career Management: Understand what it takes to build a successful career and how to navigate your career to the job that you truly desire.
  • Influence:  Develop the “Wow” factor that attracts the attention needed to get ahead, influence others, and drive results.
  • Branding:  Learn how to present and promote your unique value in a way that resonates with executives and peers inside and outside of your organization.
  • Network Development: Discover how to build an internal and external professional network and contacts for yourself with one-on-one interaction.
  • Communication:  Acquire verbal and non-verbal communication skills to connect with others so that your message is easily absorbed and understood.
  • Negotiation:  Develop skills to successfully negotiate contracts, promotions, and salaries to your benefit.
  • Presentation: Develop a presentation method and communication style, adaptable to various speaking situations – individuals, team meetings or large groups.

Her coaching helped me secure a promotion and a rewarding position in an international company. I would highly recommend Nanette to anyone looking to challenge the status quo and transcend any self-imposed limits.

Laura DalPiaz

Senior IT Director, Cigna

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