Sales Coaching

with Nanette Gamily

A recent study showed that only 2 out of 5 sales reps attain their sales quota and even fewer exceed it.

Sales managers often find themselves overly reliant on a handful of individuals to deliver the numbers quarter after quarter.

In high powered sales organizations, the struggling “B” player is often overlooked in favor of an “A” player with a bigger deal.

Too often, well-meaning sales leaders get overloaded with the demands of 3x pipeline creation, quarter plus forecasting, deal management, executive updates, and getting the most from inside sales, partners, channels, and marketing, leaving little time for 1:1 coaching.

“B” players often find themselves in an unfortunate survival of the fittest situation, relying on their own resourcefulness to manage complex deal cycles and navigate internal politics.

While some learn to thrive, others grow frustrated with their performance, and either get pushed out or self-select out of the organization.

Turnover costs sales organizations big time.  Not only are their recruitment and onboarding expenses, but the hidden costs of lost opportunities and poorly serviced customers can cost corporations millions annually.

So, why do some salespeople stumble and others succeed?   The reasons vary, but most often reps have bad habits or blind spots that need to be fine-tuned.

With the Edge Gains Coaching program, I combine art and science with proven, practical methods, and regular guidance to transform a diamond in the rough, “B” to an “A.”

Clients develop the right attitudes, priorities, and behaviors to achieve sustainable sales performance.

As a result of the program, sales organizations will be able to

  • Hire sales leaders and reps that drive revenue faster
  • Decrease sales rep turn over and improve retention rates
  • Improve sales productivity
  • Increase qualified sales pipeline
  • Improve quarter plus forecast accuracy
  • Achieve higher win rates
  • Develop long-term positive customer relationships
  • Develop collaborative relationships inside the company
  • Get more from inside sales, channels, partners, and marketing

Does any of this sound like you?

If so, I’d like to invite you to take advantage of this offer.

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Nanette provided expert guidance in strategic sales plans, forecast management, employee development and creation of an internal powerbase was extremely helpful.

Kelly Carroll

Vice-President, SAP America

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