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The Relate Program

Customized corporate training focused on helping engineers, consultants, technologists and other experts build interpersonal skills / soft skills

Who is it for:

  • Engineers, Consultants, Project Managers, Technologists, IT Professionals
  • “Experts” who need to build trust, credibility, and rapport to be successful.



  • Improve customer relationships and create long-term customer loyalty
  • Bridge difficult internal divides between “IT” or “Tech” teams and “Business” or “Sales” teams
  • Grow revenues and increase profits as a product of increased professionalism, trusted advisor status, and graduation from “vendor” to “partner.”
  • Fast results – tangible change in participants is observable immediately and persistent years later
  • Increased awareness of new opportunities and effective expansion of new opportunity prospecting efforts
  • Transform technical and delivery organizations into effective sales team allies and assets who are willing and able to engage and drive business development activity



Extensive Customization in Every Workshop

Every workshop event is customized based upon the pre-work dialog between the facilitator and the participants—the context of all examples and role play is key to adoption of the material and long-term transformation of the participant.

Virtual or Live Delivery With Equal Results

The curriculum is highly interactive and can be delivered either live in-person or live virtual via a virtual classroom.  Both delivery methods have equal appeal and effectiveness.  Choice of class delivery medium is made to suit customer and participant needs.

Broadly Deployable

This program transcends language and culture.  It has been delivered to participants in Asia, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, North America and South America with equal success.  Virtual deployment can provide the ability to bridge geographic divides and maximize participation.  Ability to mix business developers with operations/engineering/delivery professionals breaks down corporate silos and builds teamwork.

Immediate Impact

The program aims to make the “context” of every workshop deeply relevant to the current issues of that workshop’s participants which makes adoption of new ideas accessible and compelling.  As a result, tangible changes in behavior are evident immediately upon completion of a workshop.

Participant Appeal

RELATE workshops have tremendous appeal to consultants, engineers and professional staff as well as to business developers at all levels.  Our clients tell us our programs are the most popular they’ve ever seen— Employees from all functional disciplines are eager to participate, quick to enroll in subsequent workshops, and immediately show improvements on the job.

What our participants have to say about the RELATE Workshops:

This is one of the most thought-provoking classes I have ever had, and I have continuously thought about the principles since the first training session in December.  I have applied the techniques on a conscious level with success, and I find myself doing other things better almost without consciously thinking about it.  This training is among the very best I have ever attended.

John Schulz

DRE/Engineering Manager, Nexteer Automotive

Awesome workshop! I am actually excited about encountering my next difficult customer interaction so I can utilize these techniques to foster better customer relations! Thanks!

Brian Evarts

Systems Engineer, Cisco


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