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The Sales Wisdom Program

Customized corporate sales training that builds upon past sales training investments

Who is it for:

Inside and Outside Direct Sales, Partner Sales, OEM Sales, Sales Managers, Sales Executives, Account Managers, Sales Engineers, Pre-Sales Consultants, Technical Sales Support



  • Get the sales team to make prospecting calls and close NEW business
  • Help your team to transition towards selling higher, selling solutions, selling services and selling new products
  • Improve your ROI from Past Sales Training Investments (Challenger, Miller Heirman, Sandler, others) effectively driving new ROI without confusing or diminishing the systems already in place
  • Increase awareness of new opportunities and expand your prospecting efforts
  • Generate results fast! Tangible change in participants is observable immediately and persistent years later
  • Increase sales team efficiency and effectiveness and lower cost of sales by eliminating wasted time and effort
  • Improve self-concept, professionalism, trusted advisor status: Help salespeople move from “vendor” to “partner.”



Extensive Customization in Every Workshop

Every workshop is customized to fit the stakeholder objectives and the jobs and challenges of the individual participants—All discussion and role play is done using real-life situations from your company!  Working on real live-fire situations is key to the adoption of the material and long-term transformation of the participants.

Virtual or Live Delivery With Equal Results

The curriculum is highly interactive and can be delivered either live in-person or live virtual via a virtual classroom.  Both delivery methods have equal appeal and effectiveness.  Choice of class delivery medium is made to suit customer and participant needs.

Broadly Deployable

This program transcends language and culture.  It has been delivered to participants in Asia, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, North America and South America with equal success.  Virtual deployment can provide the ability to bridge geographic divides and maximize participation.  Ability to mix salespeople, sales managers, sales engineers and pre-sales technical support helps to build strong sales teams.

Immediate Impact

The program aims to make the “context” of every workshop deeply relevant to the current issues of that workshop’s participants.  This makes adoption of new ideas accessible and compelling.  As a result changes in behavior are immediately evident upon completion of a workshop.

Participant Appeal

Sales Wisdom workshops have tremendous appeal to all members of the sales team at all levels of seniority – as well as to the pre-sales engineers and support staff who help them.  Our clients tell us our programs are the most popular they’ve ever seen— and participants immediately show improvements on the job.

What our participants have to say about the Sales Wisdom Corporate Training:

This was one of the most pragmatic sales training I have ever attended.  The concepts that were laid out are very effective for the simple reason that they are non-conventional.  I am finding these techniques useful not only in my meetings related to sales but in every aspect where I have a need to convince my client.  Fantastic training class!!

Vinodh Jeyaraj

Portfolio Manager, CSC

I have been in sales for over 30 years.  I tell you, some of the ideas I took away from the workshop changed my life!  It’s amazing how simple it all seems now and yet how impactful it has been upon how we work.

Patrick Love

Managing Director, Planit Ltd.


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